Friday, 23 May 2014

Fitflops Shoes

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On his way up the mountain, we met a lot of kids. They like wearing fitflops shoes, always talking to us, so we bought incense, lead us to the temple. Along the way, they always let the famous attractions here. Our of curiosity, why are they out to make money, they answered and they make their own gaohuo.

Which looks four or five actually has eight or nine years of age children skin is dark and dirty, little hands holding a handful of incense. These children are from Guizhou, "tourism business". They wear fitflops shoes every morning to reinstate two or three hours to walk to their school. Thinking about that, I'm sorry. Since childhood I grew up in the city, compared the premise so advantageous, but not as good as these children. When I was their age, whatever cost, what is the Commission?!

Take off your fitflops shoes, listening to paddle across the Lake's voice, watching the trees on both sides of Castle Peak forest fan Wu, breathing in the fresh air in the city did not have ... ... Sitting in the boat, we quietly came after the rain, surrounded by mountains, Simian mountain, our short two-day journey begins right now.

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